Fascination with Japan   2 comments

We all have different tastes, distastes, likes and dislikes blaa blaa blaa, however having a fascination about something tends to be a tad extra than the usual, I believe.  I have been “fascinated” with this country I call me second home, Japan, ever since I sat in my first Japanese lesson at the age of 13.  This is a fascination, which extends beyond being  a student of the language to being an actual teacher of Japanese, is still deep here within me even now 30 odd years later.  Curious.  I can still remember my very first Japanese lesson, where I was sitting, what time of the day it was…I can see my Japanese teacher, an Australian woman who not only taught me Japanese, but also German, Math and was my HomeRoom teacher to boot!  She was great!  Miss McKenna was her name.  I was NEVER a good student.  In fact, I DETESTED my school and never really wanted to go.  But as for my Year 8 (Queensland, Australia education for High School starts at “Year 8”) Japanese lessons…well…they were THE best.

I suppose that’s when and where my “fascination” began.


Posted September 19, 2011 by marycinta in Teaching Tales

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  1. ブログ作成完了おめでとうございます。日本で英語を教える人々が増え、人生を豊かに過ごされることを祈っています。

  2. I like it. It is always great to see a fascination and passion of a lifetime documented. I also have my own blog, recently started defyordinary.com if you care to check it out. 🙂 I look forward to reading more!

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